March Weather on Par with Last Year

Alternating still and windy conditions with low rainfall have characterised the first half of March here in Tawa.

Despite strong northerlies on the 1st, 5th to 7th and the 10th, and a southerly gale on the 3rd and 4th, the days in between have been calm and mild. Overnight temperatures have dropped dramatically, but many days have been fine and warm.

Tawa’s climate during the first half of March 2006 has been very similar to that experienced last year.

Rainfall for March 2006 stands at 19 mm, bringing the year’s total to 146mm. This compares with 18 mm during the first half of last March which brought the total to mid-March 2005 to 117 mm.

The average temperature for March to date is 15° C compared with 16° C for the same period last year. Average humidity for March to date is 75%.

Average windspeed for March to date is 7.5 km/h with a maximum gust on the 6th of 41 km/h.

Minimum temperatures have been lower than March last year, as we have already had the thermometer down to 5.4° C compared with a low of 7.1° C during the first part of March in 2005.

The hills are still summer-brown and water flows in the Kenepuru Stream are very low. Despite the low rainfall, trees and shrubs are showing little stress probably due to the number of calm days. Even so, soils are dry, and many people are still irrigating gardens to keep them going until winter.

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