Good News on Local Radio

Fed up with endless raking over the scraps of scandal thrown us by the politicians in the hope that we will overlook the fact that they’re not doing much?

If so, then tune into local radio to find out about the good things that are happening in the world. Astronauts holding radio interviews with school students. What’s happening on the sun. A potted history of the LP, CD and audio cassette. New techniques in earthquake forecasting. Much more

WorldFM broadcasts a number of music and documentary programmes and their schedule is available at the weblink on this site.

On “This Week in Amateur Radio” there was much of interest to the ordinarily inquisitive person as well as snippets to keep a DXer or radio ham tuned.

Highlight of the show was the Random Access Thought which, by wandering through the history of audio recording from the wax disk, 78 rpm record, LP, 45 and audio cassette, ended up at the audio CD. The sting in the tail was a reminder that backing up computer data is still very important as the hard disk in our PC still suffers from the same risks (ably demonstrated) as these audio media.

Radio amateurs scored something of a coup recently by arranging radio interviews by school students with astronauts while they were on the space station. The questions were interesting, but the main payoff must have been the boosting of the students’ interest in spaceflight and the sciences in general.

I also learnt that when scaling radio masts, it is best to wear heavy-soled shoes, not a softer sports shoe. Whilst the softer shoe might offer better resistance to slipping, it does nothing to support the whole foot whereas a heavy-soled shoe does. Not much effort is required to see the parallel in this lesson for those of us who lurk about on ladders clearing gutters etc. at this time of year. Just five minutes standing on a rung of a ladder is very hard on the arches of your feet if you’re wearing sports shoes.

A couple of handy websites for old manuals were mentioned in today’s programme. The sites make available schematics and receiver manuals for old radio receivers (aka boat anchors!). Anyone who is repairing or upgrading old equipment might find useful information there.

So, tune into local radio occasionally to find out what’s happening in the big wide world – you’ll be surprised at how many interesting events simply never get past the limited focus of major broadcasters.

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  1. WorldFM says:

    The staff & management of WorldFM are pleased you enjoyed our programming. Did you happen to catch the short feature on Moon-quakes on Henry Brice’s MediaLine Radio programme this week? It sounds like the Moon could be a shakey place to setup home!

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