Major Quake, Scotia Sea

A major undersea earthquake struck the Scotia Sea off the south-eastern tip of South America this evening.

Sunday, 17th November 2013

A shallow magnitude 7.8 earthquake struck 1440 km south-east of Ushuaia Argentina, 1192 km south-south-east of Port Stanley, Falkland Islands at 10:05 this evening New Zealand time. The quake was 10 km deep according to revised data supplied by the U.S. Geological Survey.

The Pacific Tsunami Warning Centre reports the event as magnitude 7.8 at a depth of 42 km. It noted that, while a local tsunami might have been generated, a destructive widespread tsunami threat did not exist based on historical and tsunami data.

Geoscience Australia reports the event as magnitude 7.3 and estimates it would have caused damage within 130 km of the epicentre and would have been felt up to 1600 km away from the epicentre.

This is the third earthquake to strike the area in recent days. A magnitude 6.9 earthquake struck at a depth of 10 km on Saturday (November 16th) at 4:35 p.m. NZ Daylight Time. It was preceded by a magnitude 6.1 quake at a depth of 10 km not long after midday on Thursday November 14th. Numerous magnitude 4 and 5 quakes have struck the area in the intervening period.

[Compiled from data supplied by the U.S. Geological Survey, Pacific Tsunami Warning Centre and Geoscience Australia.]

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