Strong Quake, East Cape

A strong earthquake struck off-shore East Cape this morning.

Monday, 17th November 2014

A magnitude 6.5 earthquake struck 155 km east of Te Araroa, near the North Island’s East Cape this morning. The 11:33 a.m. earthquake was 31 km deep according to GeoNet. The quake was widely felt in New Zealand as a lengthy rolling motion, with reports being filed from Whangarei to Dunedin and on the Chatham Islands.

GeoNet's seismograph network 17 November 2014

GeoNet’s seismograph network 17 November 2014

[click for larger image] The earthquake left a strong trace on GeoNet’s seismograph network.

The U.S. Geological Survey reported the earthquake as magnitude 6.7, centred 178 km east-north-east of Gisborne at a depth of 35 km.

The Pacific Tsunami Warning Centre reported the quake as magnitude 6.7 and determined that there was no tsunami threat from the earthquake. As a precaution, some schools on the East Coast evacuated students to higher ground immediately after the quake struck, and some residents of Te Araroa township did the same. GeoNet’s tsunami gauges show that sea disturbance as a result of the quake was either minor or non-existent.

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