June 2006 Colder, Wetter

Tawa’s climate during June 2006 was colder and wetter than the same month in the previous three years.

Automatic and manual readings taken at Tawa since 2003 can be summarised as follows:

The lowest June temperatures were -1 °C (2003), 0 °C (2004), 0 °C (2005) and -1 °C (2006).
The average daily low temperatures were 9 °C (2003), 8 °C (2004), 7 °C (2005) and 4 °C (2006).
The highest June temperatures were 19 °C (2003), 16 °C (2004), 15 °C (2005) and 16 °C (2006).
The average daily high temperatures were 15 °C (2003), 13 °C (2004), 12 °C (2005) and 12 °C (2006).

Average temperature: 9.7 °C (2005), 8.2 °C(2006).
Average humidity: 85% (2005), 87% (2006)

Days with frost: 2 (2003), 3 (2004), 3 (2005) 3 (2006).
Days with rain: 17 (2003), 13 (2004), 13 (2005), 13 (2006).
Days with thunderstorms: 1 (2003), none (2004), none (2005), 1 (2006).
Days with hail: none (2003), 1 (2004), 1 (2005), 3 (2006).
Days with strong winds: 4 (2003), 8 (2004), 1 (2005), 7 (2006).
Rainfall: 48 mm (2005), 105 mm (2006).

June 2003 started calm and dry, with drizzly conditions setting in on the 3rd. Rain then alternated with intermittent dry spells until a southerly gale brought a torrential downpour on the 9th, with winds reaching severe gale overnight on the 10th, and temperatures plummeted to single figures. Rain ceased on the 11th, but temperatures stayed low until the 13th. Rain returned briefly on the 15th and temperatures recommenced a downward trend, remaining in single figures until the 19th.

Two frosts on successive nights on the 26th and 27th, caused birds to skate on the frozen birdbath on the morning of the 28th, and a rescue mission had to be organised. Steady rain set in that evening, and residents were woken by thunderstorms and heavy rain on the morning of the 30th.

June 2004 also started with dry and calm conditions until the 4th when a northerly gale brought rain in the morning and the winds rose to severe gale in the afternoon. The 5th brought a sunny respite before a cold southerly lowered temperatures and brought showers and hail the following day. Sunny, cool days followed, with a frost on the mornings of the 10th and 12th. Drizzly conditions on the 14th heralded a weather change with gusty northerlies blowing until the 16th.

After a brief fine spell, steady rain started on the 18th, culminating in a short storm of gale force northerlies punctuated by 3 downpours on the evening of the 20th. Dry, calmer conditions returned and the thermometer spent most of its time in single digits until the 25th, with a frost on the previous morning. Temperatures then rose slightly, with a few periods of drizzle until a southerly gale arrived on the evening of the 30th.

June 2005 started with cool, clear conditions, with temperatures rarely rising above 10 °C. A frost on the morning of the 4th was followed by drizzle and low cloud on the 5th and 6th, and another frost on the morning of the 7th. Clear conditions with cooler temperatures then applied until misty rain and low cloud set in on the 10th and 11th. Drizzly, showery conditions again applied between the 13th and 15th.

The weather again cleared until a period of steady rain arrived on the 18th and yielded again to fine conditions until gusty nor’easters and rain set in on the 21st. Sunny cool days followed until showers and hail fell on the morning of the 26th. A frosty morning on the 27th set the tone for the remainder of the month with cold nights and warmer days.

June 2006 started with temperatures noticeably cooler than normal with still, sunny days. Steady rain set in on the 4th and a strong southerly overnight brought intermittent hail showers with the wind dying out late in the day and a frost greeting morning commuters on the 6th. Calm, still conditions with cold nights set in until a gusty northerly brought showers on the 11th. The northerly rose to gale force on the 12th, and changed to the south in the afternoon driving temperatures down before it petered out causing a -1 °C frost on the morning of the 14th.

A gusty sou’wester early on the 16th brought squalls mid-morning followed by a northerly gale, complete with intermittent downpours and thunderstorms. The rain rate peaked briefly at 72 mm/hr just after mid-day, and the Lower Hutt weather station reported 40 lightning strikes between noon and 2 p.m.

Still days and cold nights set in until the next storm arrived on the 19th with southerly gales, steady rain and the odd shower of hail. The storm ceased abruptly that evening and the 20th was a cold but sunny day. Steady southerlies returned late on the 21st, bringing steady rain and hail on the 22nd, causing surface flooding around the Wellington region.

Dreary cold conditions then applied until the 27th, with showers and misty drizzle holding daily maximums to 11 °C or lower. A brief clearance on the 29th allowed a frost to settle and drizzle returned the following day.

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