Ngauruhoe Volcano – Tremors Continue

The shallow earth tremors being recorded near Mt Ngauruhoe continue at a rate of 10-20 per day, according to GNS Science.

Recent media releases by GNS Science have reported a fluctuating rate of shallow earthquakes beneath the northern flank of Mt Ngauruhoe. During the week to July 14th, the quakes were occurring at a rate of 10-20 per day, and this rose to 20-30 per day the following week. Last week, the rate again dropped to about 10-20 per day.

In an Alert Bulletin for the volcano released late on Friday evening, Brad Scott, Volcano Surveillance Officer for GNS Science stressed that, while activity remains elevated, there is no evidence that an eruption is imminent.

Measurements of temperature and volcanic gas concentrations at the summit remain normal, and surface changes have not been observed. Measurements of the warm ground on the north flank have showed no changes.

Recent snowfalls have prevented the recovery of portable seismographs that were deployed to measure the increased activity.

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