A Morning for Vivaldi

I don’t usually write about music on this site, but it seems appropriate on this morning of weak summer sun as we prepare for the opening of the door to an Antarctic blast again this weekend. 😕

Kathryn Ryan had her usual music session with Manu Taylor on National Radio this morning and they had a treat in store.

Performances of some of Vivaldi’s manuscripts that were rediscovered early last century are now finding their way onto CD’s and they played a track from one of them.

Vivaldi – In furore, Laudate Pueri e concerti sacri was how it was billed on Radio NZ’s website. It was what you would expect from Vivaldi – violins chugging away like a well-tuned steam locomotive at full throttle punctuated by those long, braying violin counterpoints that the old maestro used to such good effect. The music rose and fell, stopped abruptly and restarted as it folded around the marvelous French soprano who seemed to be fire-walking at the time, judging by the notes she reached.

It was a piece that Vivaldi wrote while he was in Italy, and I didn’t understand the Italian words I’m afraid. But it was magic. 🙂

Pity about the links on the Radio NZ site, though. One was incorrectly written, the other took you to a site naiveclassique but you needed a good understanding of French. C’est la vie. 🙄

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