Kermadec Earthquake Activity Continues

A strong, deep earthquake struck the southern Kermadec Islands just after eleven o’clock this morning, according to data released by Geonet, and may have been lightly felt in the North island.

This morning’s earthquake continues earthquake activity that has been occurring in and south of the Kermadecs since August 2nd.

Today’s magnitude 6.5 earthquake struck at 11:04 a.m. at a depth of 520 km at a location 80 km west of L’Esperance Rock in the Kermadec islands.

Other recent earthquakes in the area are (times in NZST):
Aug 13th, 9:53 p.m., mag 5.2, 46 km deep, 70 km S of Raoul island
Aug 11th, 3:34 a.m., mag 4.9, 99 km deep, 190 km SSW of Raoul Island
Aug 10th, 5:22 a.m., mag 5.3, 40 km deep, 480 km SSW of Raoul Island
Aug 9th, 11:01 a.m., mag 5.1, 23 km deep, 320 km SSW of Raoul Island
Aug 3rd, 7:24 p.m., mag 4.8, 10 km deep, 215 km S of Raoul Island
Aug 2nd, 12:46 p.m., mag 6.4, 320 km deep, 50 km NW of L’Esperance Rock

[Compiled from data supplied by Geonet and the US Geological Survey and their contributing agencies.]

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