Southern Kermadec Quakes

Two moderate earthquakes struck two hours apart south of the Kermadec Islands late today.

The 5th magnitude earthquakes were located nearly 400 km south-west of Raoul Island, approximately 750 km north-east of Auckland.

A burst of earthquake activity near the Kermadec Islands between August 2nd and 15th culminated in a magnitude 6.5 event late on the morning of the 15th. The area has been relatively quiet since, as has the surrounding area in the Pacific.

Today’s earthquakes were both shallow events. The first struck at 4:37 p.m. This was a magnitude 5.0 quake, 39 km deep, located 380 km south-south-west of Raoul Island.

The second event at 6:35 p.m. was magnitude 5.2, 36 km deep, located 390 km south-south-west of Raoul Island.

[Compiled from data supplied by the US Geological Survey and its contributing agencies.]

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