Raoul Volcano – Activity Declines to Normal

Activity at Raoul volcano in the Kermadec Islands has continued to decline and GNS Science have reduced the alert level for the volcano.

The volcano on Raoul Island erupted without warning on March 17th, killing one Department of Conservation (DoC) worker who was near the crater lake at the time and forcing the evacuation of the island.

Since that time, volcanic activity on the island has slowly eased and the level of Green Lake, which rose dramatically during the eruption, has slowly declined.

DoC staff have returned to the island, and a memorial service for their dead colleague was held recently. Normal conservation work has resumed as have scientific observations of the volcano.

In a media release, Steve Sherburn the Duty Volcanologist at GNS Science, advised that the volcano’s unrest has continued to decline since April.

Four factors determined a reduction of the alert level – there has been no significant earthquake activity within about 30 km of the island, Green Lake is now close to its normal level and temperature, hydrothermal activity is at normal levels, and chemical analyses of samples show typical characteristics.

This has allowed the status of the volcano to be reduced to Alert Level 0 (usual dormant or quiescent state).

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