Solomon Islands Quake Revised

The US Geological Survey has revised the size of this morning’s quake in the Solomon Islands to magnitude 8.0 after further analysis.

Other parameters for the great quake remain the same at this stage.

The initial event was followed 8 minutes later by a magnitude 6.7 earthquake. Since that time, a magnitude 6.4 quake has been reported, as have a magnitude 5.8 and and a 5.4 event. These quakes have been reported for nearby locations in the Solomon Islands, as the area reacts to this morning’s “great” quake.

Initial reports indicate that a large local wave was generated by the main earthquake, causing damage near the quake’s epicentre. Latest wave gauge reports from the pacific Tsunami Warning Centre indicate a tsunami wave of 14 cm at Honiara and 11 cm at Vanuatu.

A warning has NOT been issued for New Zealand, but a “tsunami watch” is still in effect, pending the arrival of further data. Unusual currents and sea level changes can result if even a small wave is reflected or channeled by undersea structures, and the “tsunami watch” serves as a prudent reminder for boaties, fishermen and swimmers to be alert for changes in the sea near the coast over the next several hours.

[Compiled from data supplied by the US Geological Survey and its contributing agencies.]

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