Wairarapa DHB Seeks TAP Facilitator

This job vacancy advertised by the Wairarapa District Health Board caught my eye the other day –

“An exciting opportunity has arisen for a Drinking Water Professional to work in a permanent full-time capacity as a TAP Facilitator….” The advert continued, “…the TAP Facilitator will work within the Health Protection team to improve the quality of drinking water for communities in the above areas.”

Strange. I would’ve thought the focus for a TAP Facilitator with regard to drinking water would’ve been on quantity rather than quality. The more taps, the more flow, if you get my drift.

Ooops. My mistook. On re-reading it turns out that –

A TAP Facilitator is a Technical Assistance Programme Facilitator.
Nothing to do with stop-valves, washers, faucets, tanks and other plumbery.

But if you meet the requirement to – “hold the National Diploma in Drinking Water” and don’t gurgle too much or have to cross your legs during interviews – it might be worth applying.

I wonder where they study for that diploma – probably not at university where, in my day, diplomas in drinking involved the consumption of more colourful liquids, leaving the water for fish to frolic in.

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