USGS Enhances Website

The US Geological Survey has enhanced its Earthquake Hazards Programme website with maps now featuring pop-up information boxes.

Visitors to the website will now find transparent pop-up information boxes appearing as they move their mouse pointers across most of the maps on the website. Placing the pointer over a specific earthquake event triggers a pop-up showing the earthquake’s magnitude which, if selected, takes the user straight to the report of the earthquake.

Moving the mouse pointer across parts of the world map without earthquake icons triggers pop-ups offering links to the regional maps.

The code seems to have been tightly written, as the page download time is only slightly longer than before. The functionality works well with the Firefox web browser and the granularity on the world map is impressive, with the pop-ups for overlapping earthquake events appearing correctly for those with a steady hand on the mouse. Page-caching is also well-managed, with the browser rarely redrawing an image that hasn’t changed since last viewed.

The USGS world map shows earthquake events of magnitude 2.5 and above within the United States of America, and magnitude 4.0 and above worldwide.

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