Wellington’s Reputation Safe

Wellington’s reputation as a windy place may have seemed under threat in recent months with many calm, still and warm days. However, recent windy weather which has affected large areas of the country has restored the reputation of “Windy Welly.”

Monday’s forecast northerly gales were strong, but not excessively so. The winds performed a useful maintenance role by loosening dead branches and twigs for gardeners to collect, and only minor damage occurred.

Tuesday’s forecast severe gales, started the same way, with some strong gusts in the afternoon. It wasn’t until early this morning, that activity moved up a notch for those of us to the northwest of Wellington.

Peak gusts recorded overnight Tuesday/Wednesday were:
Tawa (slightly sheltered site) 49.6 km/h from the North at 0132
Mana 81.2 km/h from the Northwest at 0140
Whitby 85.1 km/h from the Northwest at 0046

Elsewhere in the region, there are reports of gusts up 165 km/h at Mt Kaukau and 120 km/h in Wellington. The winds caused tree and shrub damage and the Fire Service had a moderately busy time securing rooves, and some smaller structures such as sheds sustained wind damage.

We now await the forecast southerly change (with possible thunderstorms) for this afternoon before the winds change back to northerly gales. Windy Welly is back! 🙂

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