Matata Earthquake Swarm

Earthquake swarm activity near Matata continues at a low rate.

The latest earthquake swarm near the Bay of Plenty coastal town of Matata, which began in December 2006, reached a peak of activity in March 2007 when 30 earthquakes were reported on the GeoNet website. As expected, activity then declined steadily with 23 events reported during April.

Eighteen quakes were reported by GeoNet during May but these included the strongest members of the current swarm at magnitude 4.2, with 15 in June. Activity dropped sharply in July with only 2 events reported. Things picked up in August with 6 quakes reported, and this increased to 15 during September. Activity eased again with 7 tremors reported in October and only 2 in November.

To date, 3 events have been reported during December 2007.

During 2005, three distinct swarms of earthquakes struck Matata between the 12th of February and 25th of August. Some of the 55 earthquakes plagued the town at the same time as a flash flood which caused considerable damage to the settlement. In 2004, a swarm of 4 earthquakes struck the area on May 2nd.

[Compiled from data provided by the GeoNet project and its sponsors EQC, GNS Science and FRST.]

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