Tawa – It’s Hot Too

Tawa may not be in the league of towns like Kawerau when it comes to the temperature stakes, but we’re close. Yesterday’s maximum was the warmest for the time of year since readings began in 2003, and we managed to get some welcome relief from the dry spell.

The 22-day dry spell at Tawa was broken yesterday, Sunday 9th December 2007, when gentle rain began falling late afternoon. Only 3 mm was recorded up until midnight, but the low rate, high humidity and very light winds allowed plants and shrubs to make the most of it. The gentle nature of the rain prevented run-off, and the ground was well-able to soak it up.

The warmest December temperature since the weather station was commissioned at the beginning of 2005 was recorded just after midday yesterday. The 27.7 ºC reading at 12:36 p.m. just pipped the previous highest December temperature of 27.1 ºC recorded on December 14th 2005. This automatic reading also exceeds December manual readings taken since 2003.

Like Kawerau, Tawa also has a public swimming pool, but ours is not geothermally heated. Tawa Weather also boasts its own pool, more commonly known as a birdbath. This was very popular with bathers of the avian variety yesterday, but takings were down as they’re a tight lot.

Not to be outdone by Kawerau which experiences earthquakes, Tawa celebrated by feeling the magnitude 4.4 quake located 40 km north-west of Porirua at ten to one this morning.

When all is considered, Tawa is quite similar to Kawerau, no wonder both places are considered hot by certain residents, and are thought to be world famous in New Zealand. The one thing Tawa lacks is a volcano, and it is generally agreed that this is a deficiency that we can live with.

Gosh. This is a bit whimsical. Too much sun, perhaps?

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