Tawa Temperature Records

Weather conditions during January 2008 are setting some new four-year records for Tawa.

The automatic weather station in Tawa has been collecting weather data since January 2005 and, as its 4th year of operation begins and January 2008 unfolds, new highs and lows are being set.

With only two days remaining in the month, the warmest January temperature in 4 years was reached when the thermometer reached 30.3 ºC at 3:02 p.m. on the 29th (today).

The coldest January temperature in 4 years was recorded on the 1st when the thermometer plunged to 7.5 ºC.

The warmest night in over 3 years was recorded on Tuesday 22nd January, coinciding with a comment on the New Zealand weather forum that the same night was the warmest recorded at Kelburn since weather records began.

So far, only 54 mm of rain has been recorded during January 2008 and, with little chance of rain before the month’s end, the month is on track to be the driest January in 4 years. Not by much, however, as only 58 mm was recorded in January 2006.

February is typically our warmest month so new records may continue to be set if the weather trend continues.

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