Hydro Lakes Finish February at 1992 Levels

A slight recovery during the last week of February 2008 has resulted in hydro lake storage levels paralleling the 1992 trend.

Total storage reached 1992 levels during the week ending February 23rd and continued to decline before recovering slightly at month’s end. Total hydro storage stood at 2359 GigaWatt hours on February 29th, 74% of average for the time of year. The slight increase results from a brief improvement in inflows during the last few days of February, reversing the trend of declining inflows since the first week of January.

Detailed daily data for the operation of the network is expected to be available within a few days, and Wild Land will publish its monthly summary for February when this data has been analysed.

Another spell of wet weather which is hoped to break the drought in Waikato may also improve hydro storage over the weekend. However, the weather pattern is unstable and predictions on where the rain will fall are uncertain.

[Compiled from data supplied by M-co.]

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