Tawa Radio Station Changes Frequency

Tawa’s local radio station WorldFM has changed frequency from 88.2 to 88.5 MHz. The frequency change was undertaken to accommodate another radio station in the region and reduce interference problems for some listeners.

As a result of the move to 88.5, coverage has increased to include Redwood, Tawa and parts of the Porirua Basin. The signal can be received along much of State Highway 1 from Churton Park to the Mana Esplanade and southward facing parts of Plimmerton may also receive the signal.

WorldFM plays a selection of music from many parts of the world as well as modern, blues and, of course, Kiwi music. The station features extensive news programmes from Australia and Asia, as well as news and documentaries from Deutsche Welle in Germany and Radio Netherlands.

Scotland’s Radio Six International provides several music programmes ranging from traditional (including piping) through to modern easy listening music.

For those with modern FM receivers, WorldFM provides information on the current track or programme and Tawa weather conditions via RDS (Radio Data System) to the receiver’s display panel.

WorldFM provides details of its programme schedule and audio feeds at its website which can be reached via the “Local Radio” link on this blog.

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