Cold January Nights Not Unusual

The cold nights experienced in the past week were not unusual when records for the last 3 years were examined.

The sudden change to cooler temperatures overnight on January 12th made some Tawa residents wonder whether this was unusual for January. The change occurred in a period of still conditions after several days of gusty northerlies. This led to a week during which overnight temperatures bounced about in the low teens before dropping to 8°C on the 20th and 21st.

Weather data for Tawa for the last three years shows that there were six days when January temperatures dropped below 10 °C in 2003, and two days in 2005. 2004 was a milder year.

January temperatures dropped below 14°C on thirteen days in 2003, on eight days in 2004, on eleven days in 2005 and on ten days to date in January 2006.

Average temperatures to date for January 2006 compare favourably with previous years. Average minimums were 13° in 2003, 12° in 2004, 11° in 2005 and 13° this year. Average maximums were 23° in 2003, 19° in 2004, 18° in 2005 and 22° so far this year.

Past experience shows that February is usually our best summer month, with less temperature variation and lower wind speeds.

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