Sea Levels Disturbed Following Great Quake

Tsunami gauges on New Zealand coasts have recorded sea level disturbances following this morning’s 8th magnitude earthquake and tsunami near Tonga and Samoa.

30th September 2009

Sea level disturbances began at Raoul Island just before 11 o’clock this morning, two and a half hours after the first tsunami wave was expected to pass the volcano. Similar activity commenced at the North Island’s North Cape and East Cape at about midday, and Chatham Island shortly after. The disturbances reflect the trend seen at several Pacific Islands this morning where tsunami waves were coming ashore at intervals of four to ten minutes.

The largest wave recorded has been one of a metre at Raoul Island, and a wave of about half a metre at East Cape.

New Zealand’s Tsunami Gauge Network shows the activity is continuing as the afternoon progresses, but the Raoul Island gauges have ceased updating.

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