A Bit of a Backlog

Pressure of other work during 2009 has interfered with the preparation of monthly summaries of geological activity, Tawa weather and the status of the hydro storage lakes.

Monday 9th November 2009

Wild Land’s regular reporting of earthquakes, weather and hydro lake levels has been confined to reporting of incidents of interest for most of this year. The monthly summaries, which provide a retrospective view of each month’s trends, were dropped for lack of time to crunch the numbers, analyse the results and write the reports. Initially, this seemed to have gone unnoticed, but I am now starting to get queries as to what has happened to the monthly summaries.

In most cases, the data has been kept, but has languished in the overflowing “to do” tray while I trudged off to deal with the daily grind. Some of the reports are now being written when time permits, and they will soon appear on Wild Land. While they are no longer of current interest, feedback from some visitors to the website has indicated that they provide useful reference material.

At this stage, I intend to prepare all the missed monthly geological summaries, but weather and hydro lake reports will not be written retrospectively. Website statistics suggest that the weather summaries and hydro lake reports are only of interest to readers when some notable event or trend has taken place, and this will probably dictate their appearance in the future

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