Earthquake in Cook Strait

A magnitude 4.0 earthquake struck near Wellington at 6:25 this morning. The magnitude 4.0 quake was centred 30 km south-west of Wellington, and 50 km deep.

The area has experienced several earthquakes so far this month. They were:
Feb 16th: Mag 5.9, 180 km deep, 80 km north-east of Collingwood
Feb 9th: Mag. 3.4, 40 km deep, south-west of Kapiti Island
Feb 8th: Mag 3.3, 40 km deep, off coast at Porirua
Feb 3rd: Mag 3.8, 50 km deep, north of Kapiti Island
Feb 1st: Mag 3.7, 40 km deep, off coast at Porirua

These earthquakes have occurred within the Pacific Plate which is subductiing (sliding) under the Australian Plate in this area. They represent the changing stresses in the area as the two tectonic plates collide.

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