Kermadec Earthquakes

The third in a series of moderately strong earthquakes struck the Kermadec Islands just before midday today.

Monday 23rd November 2009

A very deep magnitude 5.9 earthquake struck 150 km west of L’Esperance Rock in the southern part of the Kermadec Islands at 11:47 NZDT this morning. The quake, which was centred 670 km north-east of Whangarei, 730 km north-east of Auckland, was 418 km deep. Initial reports indicate that the earthquake was felt at several locations in the Bay of Plenty and along the eastern coast of the North Island from Gisborne to Wairarapa.

A shallow magnitude 4.9 earthquake struck 185 km east of Raoul Island just before midday yesterday (Sunday). The 11:52 a.m. quake was 43 km deep.

Further activity then occurred in the vicinity of Fiji with a very deep magnitude 4.9 quake at 2:51 p.m. and a very deep magnitude 6.3 event at 8:48 last night. The magnitude 6.3 event was located nearby the epicentre of the magnitude 7.2 quake of November 9th.

Another shallow quake of magnitude 5.0 struck 65 km east-south-east of Raoul Island just after midday on Saturday 21st. The 12:16 p.m. event was 47 km deep.

[Compiled from data provided by the GeoNet project and its sponsors EQC, GNS Science and FRST; and the US Geological Survey and its contributing agencies.]

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