February 2006 Windier Than Previous Three Years

Manual weather data has been collected at Tawa since 2003 and in 2005 it was augmented by the installation of an automatic weather station. This report blends the historical data from both sources to provide a 4-year climate overview.

The manual readings are obviously subjective, and represent the microclimate where the observations were made. The weather station is sheltered from the south owing to local topography.

Tawa’s climate during February 2006 was windier than the previous three years. In other respects, it was a mixed bag, being wetter and slightly cooler than 2005 while avoiding the flood episodes of 2004.

Readings taken at Tawa:
The lowest February temperatures were 5°C (2003), 6°C (2004), 9.2°C (2005) and 9.8°C (2006).
The average daily low temperatures were 13°C (2003), 14°C (2004), 16°C (2005) and 14°C (2006).
The highest February temperatures were 28°C (2003), 23°C (2004), 32.0°C (2005) and 27.4°C (2006).
The average daily high temperatures were 22°C (2003), 20°C (2004), 24°C (2005) and 23°C (2006).

Average February temperature: 19.6°C (2005), 18.2°C(2006).
Average February humidity: 81% (2005), 79% (2006)

Days with frost: none (2003), none (2004), none (2005) none (2006).
Days with rain: 6 (2003), 19 (2004), 5 (2005), 11 (2006).
Days with thunderstorms: none (2003), 1 (2004), none (2005), 1 (2006).
Days with hail: none (2003), none (2004), none (2005), none (2006).
Days with strong winds: 6 (2003), 7 (2004), 3 (2005), 13 (2006).
Flood events: none (2003) 2 (2004), none (2005), none (2006).
February Rainfall: 32 mm (2005), 69 mm (2006).

February 2004 was memorable as a stormy month, with heavy rain events on the 1st, 14th, 15th, 16th, and 19th. Whilst it had fewer days with strong winds, there were gales on several days and a near record-breaking gust of 180 km/h at Mt Kaukau on the 21st. The thunderstorm on the 19th was impressively noisy and lasted for over 2 hours.

February 2005 was a welcome return to warmer, calmer summer weather. Daily maximums began rising steadily from 23°C on the first, to a welcome 32°C on the 5th, after which they began settling back due to cloudy weather. My weather notes show that the cicadas celebrated the hot weather by striking up a symphony. 🙂

February 2006 had 13 days on which strong winds blew, according to manual records. This was almost double the next windiest year, 2004, and continued January’s windy trend. Otherwise the month was unremarkable apart from a downpour of 9 mm during which rain rates reached 72 mm/hr on the 10th. The short nature of the event meant that surface flooding was limited.

Whilst the maximum temperature failed to reach the giddy heights of 2005, most of the month was pleasantly warm.

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