Improved Monitoring of White Island Volcano

Geonet have moved the mainland camera that provides a distant view of White Island.

Until recently, the camera was located on the foreshore near Whakatane, providing a distant view of the island and its steam clouds.

The camera has now been moved to a location above the town, but continues to supply hourly snapshots of White Island – the image is much improved, with a greater zoom level. The new camera is also able to take movie footage of events as they occur.

Images from the camera can be found here

The page also features hourly images of volcanoes at Ruapehu, Ngauruhoe and Taranaki as well as data from seismometers located nearby.

Dino, the pink dinosaur who lives inside the crater at White Island, could not be contacted for comment, but we understand that he heartily approves of this change.

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