Quake Activity in the South Pacific Eases

Earthquake activity in the South Pacific has eased during the past week.

Although it has not reduced to normal levels, the number of earthquakes recorded near Fiji, Tonga and the Kermadec Islands is down on the previous week.

Earthquakes reported by the US Geological Survey indicate that activity near Vanuatu and the Solomon Islands has continued at a low level over the past week.

Activity near Fiji is lower, with fewer magnitude 4 events. However, magnitude 5 quakes still occur at the rate of 1 per week, and a magnitude 6.4 event was recorded on the 7th.

Earthquake activity near Tonga has dropped dramatically, with 1 event being recorded over the past week compared with 8 the previous week.

There were 7 quakes reported in the Kermadec Islands over the past week compared with 15 the week before, but a steady series of 5th magnitude earthquakes is still occurring.

The list is incomplete, owing to the time required to analyse and post data.

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