A Governmental Delight

Privacy issues have been in the news recently, with publication of a survey about New Zealanders’ privacy concerns and discussion of RF tagging.

So, I popped in to the website of the Privacy Commissioner to see what the commission had to say about all this. I was stunned…

I’m fairly familiar with many of the government websites and have become accustomed to the staid and bland appearance of many of them. Even the better ones are brisk and business-like but lack a certain pizazz, which I suppose reflects our parsimonious attitude to all things governmental.

Well, the Privacy Commissioner’s office has turned THAT on its head.

Visitors are greeted with a cartoon about privacy as the homepage loads, and the site is peppered by hilarious cartoons about privacy matters by Chris Slane. The website is full of information, fast and responsive, and business-like with a cheerful attitude provided by the illustrations.

If Slane’s name is familiar, then you’ll know that he also does the clever “Slane’s Lane” cartoons in the AA Directions magazine – a humorous look at things automotive.

The matter of RF tagging is covered by the website, but they overlook the importance of the issue to a large sector of New Zealand’s population – our dairy herds. Farmers are well-advanced in discussions about RF-tagging of moolies, and some of their discussion can be found here at Fencepost.

Full marks. The self-described “on-line Office of the Privacy Commissioner” is a happy place which deals with serious matters. I suspect the physical office is fun too. Well Done!

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