Activity at Raoul Declines

GNS Science announced a reduction in the Volcanic Alert Level at Raoul Island yesterday. The alert level has been reduced from 2 to 1 (signs of volcanic unrest).

Over the last two weeks, the activity of the volcano’s hydrothermal system has declined, according to GNS Vulcanologist Brad Scott. Green Lake, which reached a maximum level at the end of March, has started falling but has not yet fallen to pre-eruptive levels; being described as “still several metres above pre-eruption level.” In addition, activity at other thermal vents in the area of the main crater on Raoul Island has also declined.

However, hot spring flows at Oneraki Beach on the north of the island have increased slightly, but still remain within previously recorded ranges.

The GNS report described earthquake activity near Raoul as declining, with only 1 or 2 earthquakes being recorded per day.

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