Island Watch: Kermadec Aftershocks

Earthquake activity in the Kermadecs following the magnitude 7.4 quake 290 km SSW of Raoul Island on May 16th has continued at a low level.

During the fortnight following the magnitude 7.4 event, only 3 events between magnitude 4.6 and 5.2 occurred to the south of Raoul, and one of magnitude 4.7 occurred to the north-east.

Activity in the general area between Samoa and New Zealand reflects the plate boundary adapting to altered stresses since May’s two large earthquakes.

The deep earthquake activity under the North Island eased slightly, with only two events, one southwest of Rotorua, the other near Matawai, between May 16th and 30th.

However, activity continues at a steady rate near Tonga, and at an increased rate near Fiji and Samoa, according to data published by the US Geological Survey.

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