Earthquake Swarm Near Taupo

Taupo residents have felt a number of very shallow light earthquakes today, according to Geonet.

The earthquakes began with a sequence of about 20 quakes culminating in a magnitude 2.7 event 2 km deep located 10 km north of Taupo at 10:58 this morning.

A magnitude 2.2 event, 4 km deep at the same location was reported at 12:18.

A further quake of magnitude 2.4, 1 km deep in the same area was reported at 1:53 this afternoon.

The swarm follows a deep magnitude 5.6 earthquake which struck at 7:54 on Thursday night. This quake was 170 km deep and located 30 km north-west of Taupo according to Geonet.

Earthquake swarms in the Taupo Volcanic Zone (TVZ) are not unusual. Kawerau experienced a swarm of quakes in February last year, which was quickly followed by a swarm of over 55 earthquakes near Matata which ran until August. Taupo experienced a swarm of quakes in May and then a swarm of 12 quakes occurred near Te Aroha during July.

In 2004, earthquake swarms occurred near Matamata, Matata, Rotorua, Lake Rotomahana, Lake Rotoiti, Taupo, as well as areas outside the TVZ. The sequence at Lake Rotoiti consisted of over 120 events which occurred during July and August of 2004, causing landslides, faulting and damage to houses and contents, with 3 events of magnitude 5 or greater.

A small swarm of earthquakes was also experienced near Taupo in February of this year.

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  1. Chris says:

    I saw the swarm they had…thought it may be another geothermal hot-spot about to open for business. Reading this, sounds like it’s not always the case.

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