Spring into Tawa 2016

Spring into Tawa

Spring into Tawa

The weather didn’t co-operate, but the annual Spring into Tawa market day went ahead anyway.

Sunday, 16th October 2016

Tawa’s annual market day, Spring into Tawa, was held yesterday. The organisers, Vibrant Tawa (the Tawa Ratepayers’ and Progressive Association), had decided to hold it later than previously, and increase the number of places available for stallholders. To accommodate the bigger market, Main Road was closed between Essex Street and Cambridge Street.

A few of the 115 stallholders chose not to set up when Saturday dawned with a cold southerly and steady rain. However, the majority who persevered were able to enjoy the patronage of the crowds who ignored the occasional squalls as the weather slowly improved. Some stalls were moved from the centre of the road to the cover of Main Road’s verandahs.

The stage set up in front of Take Note hosted a number of performers from local dance groups to school musicians. Star of the show was female trio AviDiva.

They managed to perform most of their set between squalls and weren’t phased by the chill southerly that was holding the temperature to 10°C. The crowd was wowed when they belted out their chorus, “I’m all about the bass ”¦ no treble…”

Stalls covered the full spectrum from food to gardening, homewares, second-hand goods and bric-a-brac. In keeping with the season, plants raised by local horticulturalists and school students proved very popular.

Tawa's alpacas

Tawa’s alpacas

The local alpacas enjoyed themselves.

The Tawa Historical Society had a surprising number of local publications for sale.

Light industry took the opportunity to display the products that they make locally. Tawa ITM had garden furniture, planters, compost bins and trellising ”“ all assembled on their premises. Local entrepreneur Embrace Design offered a number of its digitally fabricated products. This Tawa start-up offers CNC wood, aluminium and soft metals milling, laser cutting and 3D printing services as well.

Tawa’s heavy industry was conspicuously absent.

Street crowd, Spring into Tawa

Street crowd, Spring into Tawa

Closing a section of road allowed food trucks to join the market and all did good trade, with several selling out of their popular offerings. The doughnut, Thai, Malysian and Indonesian trucks proved very popular. The small beef rending burger with caramelised onion from One Bite Indonesian Food Truck was delicious.

Mall crowd, Spring into Tawa

Mall crowd, Spring into Tawa

Opinion seems divided as to whether this year’s event attracted more people than last year’s. Perhaps having a significant section of roadway available made the crowd seem thinner ”“ no doubt we will soon know.

AviDiva and crowd

AviDiva and crowd

Despite the weather, we had an enjoyable day out, picked up good quality vegetable plants for the garden and were glad we sampled the wide range of food provided by the trucks. Surprisingly only a few of the local food outlets participated by opening an outside stall. Those who did (Curry Zaika, Nada Bakery and Tawa Village Bakery) gave locals the chance to sample snack versions of their usual offerings which should pay off in continued patronage.

Well done Vibrant Tawa and all who participated and supported! Spring into Tawa 2016 was a success, despite the weather.

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