Elevated Activity at Mt. Ngauruhoe

The elevated seismic activity that commenced at Mt. Ngauruhoe in May has continued with about 20 earthquakes being recorded per day.

In an Alert Bulletin issued on November 1st, Steven Sherburn, Duty Volcanologist at GNS Science announced that the earthquakes, which are occurring at a depth of about 1 km on the volcano’s northern flank, have continued. The activity, which is described as “significantly above that normally recorded at Ngauruhoe” has peaked at rates of 30 earthquakes per day on occasion. The largest quakes are about magnitude 1.

Measurements of temperature and volcanic gases at the volcano remain normal, and are similar to 2003 readings. There is no evidence that an eruption is imminent.

During September and October, GNS Science received several reports of steaming near the summit, where such activity does not normally occur. Investigation suggests that the observations were of cloud, as no new volcanic features have been found in the area.

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