Is April 2007 Drier Than Normal?

The continuing trend of mild days but with cooler nights poses the question ”“ Is this April drier than normal for Tawa?

Looking through records for the Tawa weather station for the last three years, it appears that the first three weeks of April 2007 are drier than the same period last year, but wetter than 2005.

So far this month, we have had 35 mm of rain, while 51 mm fell up until April 21st last year, and 11 mm in the same period in 2005.

The annual rainfall figure has taken a bit of a tumble due to dry periods in February and March. Tawa has recorded 147 mm for the year to April 21st, much lower than the 269 mm recorded in the same period last year, and the 211 mm recorded in 2005.

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