Bring Back My Valley

Someone stole my valley while I was slaving over a hot keyboard this morning.

The day started ordinarily enough, with sunlight glinting back at me from house windows on the far side of the Vale of Tawa. There was a hint of oppression in the air as the temperature climbed to 21 ºC degrees and the humidity rose with it.

Then, while I was busy in the slave pit, the southerly swept into town scooping fog into the valley and closing in the vista. With it came a misty gentle rain and an odd sound … the plap of water tootling from leaf to leaf as it falls through the hibiscus.

The lillies that opened yesterday and the one that popped overnight are dodding over under the unaccustomed weight of accumulated moisture.

I can almost hear the shrubs squealing with delight as the misty drizzle hops from leaf to leaf, trickles down their trunks and dandles their feet.

Old man thrush is on the prowl for toothsome grubs. He’ll soon be making knock-knock noises as he bashes snail shells on the concrete – go get ’em!

The tui are conspicuously absent this morning. They usually turn up during misty drizzly weather to slurp flavoured rainwater from flowery cups. Perhaps they’re still arguing over the pohutukawa flowers at Other Hill across the valley.

The humidity has popped up to 90% and the temperature has slid toward 18 ºC. Soon the rain gauge on the automatic weather station will awaken from its summery slumber and record the first millimetre of rain in 13 days. I hope some wascally spider hasn’t set up shop in there and gummed up the doings so that it doesn’t get kept awake by the clonk of the tiny tipping bucket. Golly, should I check? Patience, lad.

Sigh. Back to the Gisborne Pioneers’ Luncheon of May 1927. I want to knock that chapter into shape today…

5 Responses to “Bring Back My Valley”

  1. Youknowit says:

    absolute crap… ollocks, i say!

  2. Lizzie of Gizzie says:

    More, I want more, sounds like a good story

  3. Dorothy says:

    I agree with Lizzie! Another truly delightful yarn from the Master story teller. Makes such a refreshing change from the doom and gloom that we get bombarded with each day in the news. This being election year, we are going to be in great need of such ‘feel good’ stories. Please keep going Ken and ignore the misery guts!

  4. Ken says:

    You’re right Dorothy. The media are already practicing their election coverage techniques by rabbiting on endlessly about the US Presidential race. Yawn. Who cares?
    But then some idiot at Wild Land keeps wittering on about earthquakes.
    The doomsayers are everywhere.
    We’re dooomed, DOOOOOMED (as Taffy used to say on Dad’s Army).

  5. Dorothy says:

    You provide a very important service in reporting earthquakes etc which many people rely on but just do not get around to thanking you for. They may be the silent majority, I am not! To combine this with your great story telling proves you are a man of great talent as well as being thoughtful and considerate. Intelligent too! Wow! Let the whinging Jock Straps ( rugby supporters) et all reside in their boring petty little worlds.

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