Elevated Unrest at Mt. Ruapehu

Tuesday May 13, 2008: GNS Science issued an alert bulletin for Mount Ruapehu this morning.

The bulletin added little detail to the alert bulletin issued on April 22nd, but was more definite about the source of the heat that is keeping the crater lake fluctuating between 34 ºC and 36.8 ºC and volcanic gases at significant levels. It is believed that magma (molten rock) within the volcano’s system is supplying the heat and gas. Measurements of sulphur dioxide and carbon dioxide show that levels are about ten times above normal.

The slightly increased level of volcanic tremor has continued, and some short periods of stronger volcanic tremor have been noted. However, changes in the level of tremor are common at the volcano.

Brad Scott, Volcano Surveillance Co-ordinator points out, “The volcano remains in a status of unrest and the possibility of further activity remains. If further eruptions occur, they may occur without warning.”

GNS Science will be making further observations this week.

In the meantime, Mt. Ruapehu’s Alert Level remains at 1 (signs of unrest).

[Compiled from data provided by the Geonet project and its sponsors EQC, GNS Science and FRST.]

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  1. Darren says:

    I see Ngauruhoe has started stomping again as well….

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