2008 – A Wet Year for Tawa

Last year, Wellington’s northern suburb of Tawa experienced its second wettest year since 2005.

Tawa’s rainfall for 2008 was 1210 mm, the second highest reading during the 4 years that the Tawa weather station has been operating.

During 2005, 745 mm of rain was recorded in Tawa, the figure jumping to 1256 mm in 2006. Rainfall eased back in 2007, with only 752 mm being recorded.

July is usually our wettest month with July 2008 being the wettest of any month in 3½ years with 217 mm of rain being recorded.

When comparing equivalent months for each of the last four years, 2008 featured six of the wettest months. March, April, June, July, September and December all showed the highest monthly rainfall for four years.

On the other hand, January 2008 was the driest January in four years, but only by a small margin of 4 mm. October, with only 73 mm of rain, was marginally drier than the previous driest October (2005) when 79 mm was recorded.

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