Where’s Enderby Island?

I was poking about on the Metservice website the other day, and noticed that Enderby, Raoul and Campbell islands were listed on the right-hand side of the weather forecast page. Of all the locations listed, Enderby was a bit of a mystery and I decided to find out a bit more about it.

Sunday 23rd May 2010

My search on the Internet led me to some interesting sites, but one website was so stunning, that I thought it might be worth sharing on a wintry Sunday.

Enderby is one of New Zealand’s sub-Antarctic islands, part of the Auckland Islands group. It is a World Heritage Site, being home to many threatened species.

If you have twenty minutes to spare, then this website is worth a look. It includes information about three of New Zealand’s sub-Antarctic islands (The Snares, Campbell and Enderby islands) and Australia’s Macquarie Island. There are high quality maps, photographs of the flora and fauna, geological notes, and a wide selection of recorded bird calls to listen to.

The site has attractively laid-out pages and works very well with Firefox.

The sub-Antarctic Islands website is definitely worth a look.

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