Back On Line

Wild Land and Tawa Weather are back on line after a short break.

Tuesday 29th June 2010

The trouble began on Sunday morning when access to the websites became intermittent. Some time late on Sunday, access to the websites failed completely, and it seems that the weather was to blame.

The wet weather that Tawa has experienced in recent weeks continued apace over the weekend. 12 mm of rain was recorded on Saturday 26th, with a further 18 mm on Sunday. With more than an inch of rain being added to the month’s total, there was more than enough moisture lurking about looking for something to do.

Some of it seems to have found its way into one of the cables that feeds the data centre that hosts the Wild Land and Tawa Weather websites. Chorus was on the job yesterday, moving holes about the place, playing with pneumatic drills, and running traces to make sure there weren’t too many impedances on the lines. 🙄

But unlike the hideous Chorus television advertisement where actors attempt “to talk the talk” by exchanging meaningless and sometimes incorrect jargon, this lot knew what they were up to.

The cable trailer that roared past your reporter on its way to the incident, looked to be a 200 pair job. From memory it takes about a minute per pair for an experienced jointing team to splice in a new section of cable and DC test each connection. They got that work done yesterday, working on into the evening as the rain began to fall again.

Unfortunately, a vital piece of data centre equipment, starved of external stimuli, had nodded off in the meantime and required a bit of ackling (a highly technical process) to finally get the packets of data moving again this morning.

Weather permitting, normal service has been resumed.

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    Welcome back. You were mithed.

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