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Blogs, or weblogs, usually consist of a series of postings on a particular subject or a person’s experiences.

I am using this blogging software for a slightly different purpose – to publish a number of articles on several different subjects including earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, local history, weather, and telecommunications history. Each of these subjects has its own category so that related articles are grouped together.

The main page:
The main page of the blog displays the last fifteen postings, with the most recent at the top. You can read the introduction to each article and click on Read the rest of this entry to bring up the whole article with the top of the page aligned with the next paragraph.

If you wish to read the entire article from start to finish, simply click on its title to open the entire article.

If you are only interested in articles on a particular subject, move your cursor to the list of Categories on the right-hand side of the screen. As you pause with the cursor over a category, a pop-up box will appear giving a general description of the category’s contents.

Clicking on a category will provide a summary of the articles therein, showing the title of the posting, and a brief description or sample of its contents.

Move your cursor to the title of a posting, and it will turn blue. You can then click on it to view the entire article.

Returning to the main page:
To return to the main page of the site, simply click on Wild Land in the banner at the top of any page.

Happy reading.

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