About Us

Welcome to the Wild Land website.

We provide detailed information on earthquake, eruption and tsunami events that occur in the New Zealand area and the South Pacific. Interesting weather conditions are covered as are key events in the history of New Zealand.

Our aim is to provide comprehensive information on recent events, combining information from several sources. We monitor bulletins issued by geologists about New Zealand’s frequently active volcanoes, and summarise the activity that occurs in conjunction with significant earthquakes.

Wild Land monitors bulletins issued by the Pacific Tsunami Warning Centre and the Japan Meteorological Agency to provide additional information on activity that might have generated tsunami waves in Pacific or New Zealand waters. However, readers should note that we do NOT provide a tsunami warning service as the networks for detecting and tracking tsunami waves are still in development. For timely warning of tsunami waves, consult the regional authorities in your area.

The Wild Land website provides links to the world’s leading earthquake information providers, a link to New Zealand’s tsunami monitoring network and other sites of interest.

From time to time we publish articles on historical events such as:

the precursors to the Tarawera eruption of 1886,

the frightening local tsunami on New Zealand’s East Coast in 1947, and

some of the big earthquakes from our past such as the Arthur’s Pass quake of 1929.

We hope you find our material informative and of interest.

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